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We all need a little help sometimes.

Whether building your own website, or you design for others, sometimes things go sideways. That’s where HelpMe! Website Support comes in.

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Website Help When You Need It

Working with designers

Are you a designer not a builder? Excellent! We help designers sort out issues with client websites. Find out how HelpMe! WordPress help makes it easier for you!


Use HelpMe! to get third party services like analytics tools, CRMs, bulk email, payment gateways, meeting scheduling and other services connected to your website.


We offer help via Video Chat to assist you as you build your website. We specialize in WordPress, but offer support with other website builders. We go at your pace. No contract, no commitment.


Plug-ins are great for extending the functionality of our websites, but they can all wreck havoc. When a plugin leaves you unplugging your hair, HelpMe! can help.

Web Hosting

No matter if you are migrating to a new host, trying to connect via SFTP, or establish an SSL certficate on your website, HelpMe! makes it easy.

Custom WordPress Websites

Learn how to take advantage of the database-driven WordPress, mySQL. Need data stored in reusable buckets?  A HelpMe! WordPress support session is just the ticket.

A few happy HelpMe! clients.

Testimonial from Shawna Chalmers
Testimonial from Laura Jawad
Testimonial from Kelly Fiorini

HelpMe! FAQs

How much does it cost?
A HelpMe! session is $99/hour, payable in advance. We require an initial consultation prior to you booking your first HelpMe! session to ensure that we are able to assist with the issue.
How do I book a HelpMe!?
We require an initial consultation to ensure that we will be able to assist you. You can book that easily schedule a Consultation.

Our easy to use booking tool will allow you to select the date and time that works for you.

Once your HelpMe! consultation is booked, we will contact you on the day you schedule.

After it is determined HelpMe! is the right solution, we will send you a link to book your HelpMe! session. Booking is similar to how you booked the consultation and includes the ability to pay online for your session.


How do I pay for HelpMe!?
Payment is simple. You will be asked to pay during booking after you select your date and time.

We use Stripe for secure credit card processing. This prevents us from storing any of your card data on our website. Because Stripe converts your credit card number into a random string of characters, we never have access to your credit card from our Stripe account.

What if we don't finish in an hour?
We make this easy. You have several options:


  • At the end of each HelpMe! session, you receive an email with a link to schedule another session. Or…
  • We can keep working through to completion. You will be invoiced for all time worked after the first hour (rounded up to the full hour). Or…
  • We can schedule more sessions as you require (think training). We will then invoice you prior to the session.
Is my HelpMe! refundable?
You can always reschedule your HelpMe!. If you don’t need it when you book it, consider it a credit that can be used for a time when you need our help.

Further, if you choose to have us build your website, or you purchase a WordPress Care Plan, the cost of your HelpMe! will go toward the cost of your website or plan.

Do I need to give you my website login?
Oh gosh, no! We never ask you for your website’s admin username or password. (You should never give anyone this information.)

If we need access to the website during the session, we will request permission to control your mouse from within Zoom. You can always stop sharing your mouse during the session.

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